Designer of the
Driving Experience


In 23 years I created designs millions of people chose to buy.

Among the many roles I had at Ford was the opportunity to build a highly specialized user experience studio. With a structure similar to a start up within the large design organization, practicing efficiency and good design built a foundation for the way we work at hvac Design.

I'm proud to continue to bring many designers to the car design industry and provide an environment which enables their first of many professional successes.

One of the greatest thrills any designer strives for is to create a revolutionary expression of a new technology.

I still want to do this.

01. 2013 Ford Fusion / Mondeo Interior Ford's first global midsized sedan

Despite the differences between the N. American, European and Asian markets, one design had to satisfy all three regions. What I discovered was no matter where people live in the world, a universal desire for driving is common.

02. 2015 Mustang Driver interface and controls

Driving is physical.
The expectation of a Mustang interior is about physical control where the functions act and feel like they look. Who doesn't like a steering wheel that fits like a glove and big toggle switches that feel and sound strong?

24 Years of het design experience

Ford Motor Co., Interior Chief Designer (2004-2013)

03. Ford Sync


Designing the first holistic user experience for Ford's Sync connectivity opened my eyes to a new approach to het design.

I realized there will be a point where people will choose a car to fit their personality not because the exterior design but by the way it connects to their lives outside the car.


04. 2015 F Series Interior Driver interface and controls


With so much information available through the instrument cluster, the driver can pair it all down to a favorites list of truck info.

One of the most important ingredients to any project's success is a small advice of few and focused members. I was proud to lead the cross functional specialists who proved the effectiveness of getting to the answer quickly.

05. Ford's Hybrid and Electric vehicles Designing the first holistic user experience


User Testing proved the gauge information helped people drive a hybrid car better. It was only a hunch the growing leaves would be loved.

Electric cars pose a different challenge to the driver as a trip requires planning. Staying within the budget cup is a great remedy for range anxiety.